Strassbourg Cathedral in France is the inspiration for Strass and is be manufactured in a 63/37 brass alloy. Strass is completely hand made with each component of the piece is pierced out and soldered into place.

Strass attempts to embody the overall look and feel of the cathedral and plays with the patterns that are found in the building, and are then incorporated into the detail of the piece.

The Inspiration

Design & Manufacture Process

Taking Shape

The next few steps in the process of manufacturing Strass went fairly quickly compared to the beginning stages of designing and piercing for days on end. I simply annealed each brass plate and hammered them against my homemade swage pipes into the desired curve. I...

Piercing! Piercing! Piercing!

36 detailed brass motifs, 204 snapped saw blades and 5 days later, I finally have all my components ready for soldering! There is something quite special about hand making a whole piece like this, and so much more gratifying producing the vision you had in your head...

The beginning of Strass

I'm really excited to get this piece started. In terms of the manufacturing I am sticking to traditional techniques such as piercing (sawing), forging and soldering. However the scale of the piece is rather adventurous, as jewellery for the catwalk normally is, I will...