2017 is the year I complete my B.Tech Degree at Tshwane University of Technology. This is a full year where I am able dedicate myself to exploring and specialising in a field of jewellery design and manufacture. They call it the year of indulgence, because we are allowed to let our imaginations run wild by choosing any theme and style, and then design and manufacture a whole range based on that theme, no constraints, no limitations, whatever our heart desires. An opportunity like this is perfect breeding ground for my imagination, so I decided this was the time to delve into an area of the industry that I am completely in awe of, and dedicate my career from here on, to designing jewellery for the catwalk.

I have been trained in fine and commercial jewellery, but my personal taste for contemporary art jewellery inspires me to explore the boundaries of convention within in the confines of the theme I have dedicated my study to.

Avant-garde Neckpieces designed for the catwalk inspired by sacred geometry found in Gothic cathedrals.

Ten neckpieces will complete this collection.

They a big, bold, ornate and most of them make use of the whole body as a platform.

They are avant-gardist in the way that they explore the limitations of jewellery and take on attributes of sculpture and apparel – blurring the lines of how conventional jewellery should be worn. When art becomes wearable…and you become the gallery, experimental compositions to suit the body and the display cabinet.

They are post-modern avant-garde because of the way they make use of the antiquity of a philosophy that is perennial and their use of Gothic cathedrals as the main motif.

The designs capture the intricate detail, elements of the construction, sacred beauty and sublime presence.

Jewellery is an extension of our identity; an expression; a definition. Our desires and fascinations; our mania and heart brought to life in the ultimate form of sculpture, wearable sculpture- and the idea of wearing my heart on my sleeve thrills me. Jewellery is the most sentimental form of adornment and I want to play with how it is worn.

On a deeper level this is about making my vision tangible and defining myself as a conceptual jeweller.

It is important for me to share and blog about the manufacture and design process of my whole study, as I believe a healthy exchange of ideas, enthusiasm and opportunity is essential to being an artist in our time, and to each raise awareness about our crafts.



Achieved highest accolade in the De Beers Shining Lights competition, where a year-long scholarship at Domus Academy in Milan was awarded.


Runner-up in the Jewellex (Jewellery council of south Africa) competition.


Graduated with National Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture, cum laude.